Thursday, June 23, 2016

Late Afternoon Mid Councils

Be still my heart. We just made quick dispatch of one item in about 45 seconds.

We are so on a roll. Another one down, 45 seconds!!

Another one down, 45 more seconds! God is good, all the time.

Now - another time-taker, for sure. 05-01 from the Presbytery of Santa Fe. Here we go.

WE now have the opportunity to perfect a substitute motion, and then perfect the main motion, before voting on whether the substitute shall become the main. Only then can we vote on the motion.

Okay. The main, 05-01, has been declared perfected. (since I wrote it, I'm happy about that)

Now we are perfecting the substitute.

The substitute motion failed, 380 to 196. Back to the main motion.

I find it interesting that 95% of the opposition to this overture - I'm not exaggerating - is coming from the same synod. Which tells me that the opposition is not widespread. Perhaps the problem with synods is with one synod.

And now the main motion......  

We did it!!!!!!!

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