Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mid Afternoon Mid Councils

Sooooo - the Mid Council Committee report started this morning around 11:00. We had to stop for worship, for lunch, and for several presentations. So at 3:06pm, we are just now on the third item of business.  There are still five more items before we even get to the question of synods. Lord have mercy. I should have brought my jammies.

There was some good debate at first, and it was for a good reason - the best way to provide model policies for dependent care. But oh my goodness, did it really need to take, what, two hours?

The body has taken the action to limit debate now to 60 seconds per speaker. Perhaps what would be more helpful would be to limit certain SPEAKERS, she said....   yikes.....

It is now 3:41. and we STILL have 5 more items to go. Commissioner Heger just brought me bubbles to blow. Lord have mercy.

It is now 3:57. All that time we debated an amendment that ultimately failed. We are still on the same item of usiness.

We are going to end up spending the greater part of this day on business scheduled to take an hour, two at most.

05-09 now complete at 4:01pm. Please, God, let us speed up!!!

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  1. Hang in there, Sallie! Thanks for keeping us updated.